Thursday, March 11, 2010

Things I Did During Spring Break

Thursday - Last day of school before spring break. Made it through classes despite loss of sleep due to baby arriving at 3:44 am. Turned in Spanish composition and took history mid-term, which was blue book. Note to professor: 40-something hands don't like to write for 1 and 1/4 hours. It hurts.

Free to spend time at hospital staring at baby, no homework worries, total freedom (almost, because Spanish homework has to be done sometime before the end of spring break. But not now.)

Friday - Visit baby. Don't think about school. Eat. Play on facebook. Begin Happy Aquarium competition with my stepson, who has his computer at the hospital so he can post baby pictures and feed his fish.

Saturday - Beautiful spring day. Still not thinking about school. Can't remember any Spanish words. Went to the little boys gymnastics, went shopping, went to see the Corpse flower, ate, shopped some more, ate some more, went to see the baby, all without once saying to my husband "I can't, I have to go home and study". Sigh. It felt absolutely wonderful.

Sunday - Another beautiful day. Tried to read a book just for fun. Couldn't concentrate. Beginning to think about history paper. Ate. Played on facebook. Completed mastery of peppers. Fed the fish. Worked in the yard for the first time this year. Took the shears and trimmed the lilyturf plants so that the crocus's would be visible. Weeded the garlic. Husband found flower bulbs in the garage (didn't have time to plants them last fall) which were sprouting in the package, so planted 70 bulbs. Don't know how if they will bloom, but at least they are in the ground now. Worked up an appetite so I ate some more. Could no longer stand not doing homework so I read the next chapter of my history textbook and took notes in preparation for the final exam in May.

Monday - Unable to lift coffee cup to my mouth due to gardening adventure on Sunday. Still able to use mouse, so fed the fish and harvested the crops. Still could not stand not thinking about school, so I began reading the autobiography of Aimee Semple MacPherson, my character study for history class. And make no mistake, she was a character.

Tuesday - Still so sore I can barely walk. Still thinking about homework, so continue reading autobiography. Came home from work and found a huge box of popcorn on the porch. Ate a bowlful, complained to husband that we need to get it out of the house before we both gain 10 pounds. He said that popcorn is mainly fiber so we will probably lose wait from eating it. Find fault with his reasoning but continue to eat popcorn just in case he is right. Getting really sick of feeding the fish, and besides, I am now a level ahead of my stepson and have begun to lose interest in the game. Not that I am competitive, or anything.

Wednesday - Still too sore to move. Refuse to think about Spanish. Begin reading a gardening diary by John Evelyn, edited by "garden and plant historian" Maggie Campbell-Culver. Decide I want to be a garden and plant historian when I grow up. Played on evil facebook. Utterly sick of the fish.

Thursday - Sold most of the fish in the afternoon. I needed the coins anyway so the little boy can buy whatever he wants for the fish tank (not real money, the line has to be drawn somewhere). Beginning to dread my Spanish homework. Worrying about my minor and my fall schedule. Bought a bunch of fish in the evening( I was so close to the next level!). Quickly regretted it. My stepson and I continually tell each other that we only keep the stupid aquariums for the little boy. Right. Ate some more popcorn. Have not yet lost weight due to popcorn consumption. Husband promises to take the rest of the box to work so as to get it safely out of the house. Remembered I have a blog.

Friday - Took the afternoon off from work and decided not to feel guilty about it. Started my tomatoes and peppers in peat pellets. Pulled two old Time magazines from my TBR pile. Old news by now, but as I am a history major I don't mind reading old news. Picked up the boy for a sleepover. Still not losing weight from eating popcorn, so I moved on to chocolate. Winter has returned, snow flurries.

Saturday - Took the boy to gymnastics, then to a birthday party for twin girls from his preschool (where he proceeded to ask their mother for her phone number so a sleepover could be arranged for him and the little girls), then quickly moved on to Penney's to get his five-year picture taken. Took him back to his father, who had the nerve to ask if he needed a nap. I needed a nap, but no one asked me.
Watched the latest Star Trek movie. Didn't quite make sense to me but I enjoyed it anyway.

Sunday - Worked hard all day avoiding Spanish homework. Finally gave up and spent 2 hours getting it done. Have to admit that party is over, and so is spring break.