Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking Forward

Before we look forward let's take a quick look back at last semester (since I've been so negligent in posting, sorry). The semester was long and tedious and I finished it with two A's, an A-, and a B. Fortunately, I've learned that a B is acceptable so I am a happy camper.

Looking forward, after a five week break from school my last semester begins tomorrow. I have one last class to take before I graduate on May 18. The subject of the class is Murder and Memory in the Ozarks.  Each class member will write a research paper about, you guessed it...a murder that took place in the Ozarks.  Much of the information for this paper will come from the county archives, where I just happen to be a volunteer.

I do have a few plans that will hopefully come to fruition sometime prior to my last day of school.  I'm going to begin two new blogs at Wordpress...that is, if I can figure out how to use Wordpress.  This blog will end by May 18 and I would like to have my new ones already up and running.  One will be a family history blog and the other will be about the Ozarks and Ozarks history. My plan is to incorporate this semesters research paper into my Ozarks history blog.

Hopefully at least one of these new blog subjects will be of interest to someone besides myself though, quite frankly, I'm still a little amazed that I have followers on this school blog. I've been both surprised and pleased to have enjoyed an audience of friends and fellow non-traditional students like myself, who have been willing to listen to my rants about my school experiences and to have had the privilege of following them on their journey as well.  These blogging friends have been a tremendous support group during my long journey through school.  Though this oft-neglected blog is about to runs its course, I will still be following the blogs of those friends I've made here during the last few years. I appreciate each and every one of you.

I still can't comprehend that I'm finally almost finished; what will life be like without school; who will I be when I am no longer a student? I already feel lost and apprehensive and the end is still four months away.