Thursday, March 3, 2011

How exciting to be nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award! Many thanks to my non-trad friends at Going the Distance, Academic Proofreeder, and My Life as a Mature Age Student for the nomination!

The rules are as follows: thank those who nominated you and link to their blog; copy and paste the award to your blog; list seven things about yourself; and list fifteen blogs that you regularly read. Here goes.....

7 Things

  1. I skipped kindergarten and went straight to first grade. Not sure why.

  2. I've watched Lord of the Rings about a million times and plan to watch it a million more.

  3. I'm desperate to be a world traveler, but so far have only made it as far as Canada.

  4. Chocolate is my favorite food group

  5. I once ran 10 miles. Never want to do it again.

  6. I love hiking almost as much as I love to read.

  7. I want to go an a BIG adventure.

Phew, that was difficult! Now for the blog list...

  • Well, so this is all I can come up with that I read on a regular basis. I would like to consistently read more blogs, but I have too much reading and writing to do for school to fit in any more blogs right now. Someday.