Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An easy enough night. I only have to continue practicing my answers for my phone interview in Spanish tomorrow and then read almost 500 pages of Bernal Diaz del Castillo's account of the Conquest of New Spain. No big deal.

I gave up five extra credit points tonight for Latin American Civ. because I did not want to participate in the Atlatl throwing demonstration in the rain. It was probably cancelled again, anyway. October is typically mild and sunny, but this year the entire month has been nothing but cold and rain. Bleak.

My Spanish teacher promised us that he does not wake up mornings thinking of new ways to torture us. I don't believe him. I'm still not sure why we spent almost four class sessions watching a movie that most of us could not understand. Maybe he wants us to get used to hearing the language, which is a good idea. I'm in a Spanish conversation class, which means I forced to speak occasionally; unfortunately in my previous classes I was never required to speak Spanish and rarely heard the language spoken. Hence my complete terror when I have to go to class three days a week and attempt to say something less than idiotic in Spanish. I've joined a site called Livemocha, which is a lot of fun and I think will be helpful, at least it will be just as soon as the semester is over and I have time practice.

I absolutely have to have an outline for my Columbian Exchange paper by this Sunday evening. That will leave me six weeks to write a rough draft, turn it in to the prof. to receive a preliminary grade along with some (hopefully) helpful pointers for improvement, get it back, touch it up, and finally turn it in the last day of class. Six weeks. It's almost Halloween and I'm really feeling frightened!


Caz said...

Maybe you could ask to see a film with Javier Bardem in it, then you won't really need to know what he's saying!!!

Studentmum said...

Aggee with Caz! Also I reccomend watching 'The Motorcycle Diaries' Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal makes me want to learn spanish!

Throwing a spear to get points - what's that all about!

Brandywine said...

Ooooh, Javier Bardem. He could provide lots of inspiration and motivation! I googled Senor Bernal and it is worth finding a copy of 'The Motorcycle Diaries', in case I need more inspiration, of course.

I think spear-throwing would be a good way to relieve stress :)