Sunday, November 22, 2009

End-of-Semester Blues

I miss my friends. I used to have some. I used to have a life. I miss hanging out with the girls, watching chick flicks, laughing and acting silly. I can't remember the last time I had a chance to do something like that. It seems like all my friends have scattered, with busy lives, busy families. I'm certainly no exception. Will there be a life left for me when I finish school? I read a magazine article recently about how hard it is to make friends in your forties. Some were of the opinion that it isn't just a matter of being hard to make friends; others believe it is just harder to find other women with whom we have common ground. Both may be true, I'm not sure.

I've spent all weekend working on a paper for Latin American Civ. I'm nowhere near finished. I need to have about another ten pages in order to turn in a rough draft right after Thanksgiving. My Spanish teacher is prepping us for our final, which will be a two minute presentation to him in his office. We have to find two articles in Spanish, both with similar themes, and then tell him, in Spanish, a summary of both articles. Slightly scary, but at least it we don't have to do it in front of the class.

I'm really looking forward to the end of this semester. It has been a long, hard 16 weeks. I can't wait to have time to read for fun, to read as many blogs as I want to without feeling guilty, to watch a movie in English (or in Spanish, if it has Javier Bardem), or just lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling. It doesn't really matter. Just rest and no stress. It's good to have something to look forward to.


Caz said...

You'll always have friends in bloggerland. I'm 41 and have made a friend through my blog who I'm meeting next week!! I'm like you -I love meeting people - not even differing hemispheres can stop me! If only we could watch Jarvier Bardem together! Good luck with you presentation.

Studentmum said...

You'd get bored after a week or two of laying around - even of Javier Bardem (maybe not quite so quickly though ;)

Making friends is hard at our age - but as Caz said it just takes more effort - I'm making her travel thousands of miles to meet me for coffee!!
Good luck with the Spanish.

Brandywine said...

That must be some good coffee! Have fun, you two. I hope you have some big adventures together (in addition to the coffee, of course)!!!

Mike Dicianna "Redfokker" said...

I first must apologize for neglecting to place your blog on my Reaching Lifelong site. I'll remedy that post haste. I feel your pain!! I'm in the sprint to the finish mode for my Fall Term classes right now! If you ever need a cyber shoulder out there, pop off a message to me!!

Brandywine said...

Thank you for adding my blog to your blog roll. And thanks for the support. We can all use a little encouragement as we head to the finish line.

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