Thursday, December 10, 2009

Race to the Finish Line

I'll do anything to avoid starting this paper. It only needs to be 3-5 pages long, and it is due tomorrow, but I would rather blog.
I have three finals to take Blackboard, which I am hoping to accomplish this weekend. Monday is my Spanish final, which doesn't bear thinking about. My terror will be limitless. Three tests, a paper, and an in person final. Then I will be finished.

Oh wait. I forgot about the research paper. I worked relentlessly over Thanksgiving holiday to complete the rough draft that, according to the syllabus, is a requirement. When I turned it in Monday, my professor was completely astonished. I reminded him that this was a requirement that, according to his syllabus, would be part of our final grade. He promised to look it over and get back with me about any needed improvements. Well. Hasn't happened yet. Yesterday was our last day of class, and once again he promised to e-mail me with links to some primary sources (to add a couple of citations), which he said was all I needed. He told me, "Basically, you are through". I was thrilled to hear that, because quite frankly, I will be surprised if I ever hear from him again.

Enough stalling. I had better get back to my paper about the consequences of Spanish conquest on indigenous cultures of Meso- and South America.


Studentmum said...

Sounds like you have a heavy workload still - your nearly there though!
It's also really annoying when tutors don't get back to you isn't it - still it's always good to 'astonish' a professor - keeps them on their toes ;).

Caz said...

Are you doing an undergrad? It sounds quite heavy and I can only assume you're a post grad. Keep going though, you're nearly there. Easy for me to talk, I know, but you can reward yourself at the end.

Brandywine said...

Two tests and a paper completed this weekend. And yes, I am undergrad and will be for another 1 1/2yrs(it still seems so far away). I have not heard from my prof. Oh well, if I don't hear from him, that means he has to give me an "A" by default, right? :)

Caz said...

Good luck with it all - I hope you get the results you deserve. Christmas is almost here and you can have a breather!

E. Sheppard said...

Good luck from me too. I hope you are able to finish everything and have a great holiday too. We are all rooting for you!