Saturday, January 16, 2010

My co-workers keep asking me if I enjoy suffering. I can only surmise that I do. The first day of class scared me half to death. My work load for three classes seems larger than last semesters four classes. Nothing is on-line this time; all the tests will be in class essay tests. I quickly discovered that there are several times that I will have multiple tests on the same day. Don't know how I'm going to manage that. By the end of the first day I was ready to drop a class, but so far I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

I need to wear a shirt that says "I am not going to be a teacher." Maybe then people will stop asking, and maybe professors will stop saying ", if you are going into education...". I am not going into education, therefore I DO NOT NEED TO PRACTICE PUBLIC SPEAKING. OK?

Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system. Somehow my name landed first on the list in American Religious History to give a presentation about an article of my choice. I am trying to be calm. I really am. He says we just have to teach the class what we learn from our article. The problem with that is, among other things, is that whatever I may know now I no longer know when asked to perform in front of a crowd. It all just goes away and doesn't come back until I leave class. It's true. Just ask my Spanish teacher from last semester.

Speaking of Spanish (I have to speak of it, because I can't actually speak it), this semester I have two teachers that I can't understand very well. Of course, my Spanish teacher is one, although I understand him more often than not since he is American and does not have a Spanish accent. The other is my East Asian Civ. teacher. He is a visiting professor from China that I understand most of the time, but he frequently leaves me quite confused.

I really must enjoy suffering. Someone please remind me why I am doing this.


Caz said...

You are doing this because when you've got your degree, your sense of achievement will outweigh the suffering you feel now! You're doing this because it will lead to greater opportunities in the future. You're doing this because your blog encourages me to keep going with my study!!!!

Brandywine said...

Thank you, Caz! I really appreciate you and your blog.

E. Sheppard said...

I one had the same feeling as you about dropping a class. I dropped the class. Another time I didn't, and by the time I re-thought my decision, it was too late. So (careful: advice coming!) I would seriously consider dropping at least one class.

Then you can use all your energy towards the others, since they sound really difficult and will take a lot of study time.

Studentmum said...

I would echo the advice to drop a class, don't forget this experience is supposed to be enjoyable - whichis a reason for doing it - your own enjoyment of learning. I would also reinforce Caz's comment. Having reached the end of my undergrad degree, the sense of achievment is well worth all the struggle. Keep going,but maybe not so fast - if there is no end goal of teaching (I know about that question as I am also not going to teach!!) what's the rush?

To use an reality TV quote - 'it's all about the journey' ;)

Brandywine said...

Excellent advice from everyone. Now, if I can just bring myself to take it.