Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekends never turn out according to plan. We took care of all the errands Saturday morning so I could have the entire afternoon to study. Instead, we spent the afternoon taking care of the baby. I'm not complaining, mind you, it's just that every time I think I have things under control, it turns out that I don't.

I spent today reading the last few chapters of our history text book, then began reading the book for my next book review. Somewhere between rounds of Spanish homework, I have to get this assignment finished, preferably by Saturday so I can move on to worrying about the verb test that I have to take shortly after the book review is due.

I feel like I'm babbling. I guess that's just how I feel with only three and a half weeks remaining in the semester and so much to do. I'm counting the days till summer break!


Caz said...

Sounds like your at the two or three days and nights of intense writing stage (for now!). Three weeks will go so fast and then you can enjoy the break. Good luck!

Caz said...

You wouldn't know I'm a Writing major, would you? It's unfortunate with these comments that once we've published them we can't go back and edit!! It's irritating me that I spelt "your" instead of "you're"!!! Sorry!

Studentmum said...

The three/half weeks will fly by, and then if you're anything like me you will start to miss Uni after the first couple of weeks of the break! (or maybe not if you have a baby to babysit). Good luck with the assignment and the Verb test,sometimes a looming deadline and less available time concentrates the mind and muchmore is achieved than anticipated.