Sunday, January 23, 2011

No room in the parking garage

With the upper level closed to do snow and ice, this is how you find a place to park in the parking garage: troll the lot nearest to the stairwell, watch for an unsuspecting student to emerge from said stairwell, stalk follow the student until they reach their parking spot, hover until they have started their car and pulled away, then immediately whip your car into the vacant spot. If someone else tries to steal your student and take the spot you have so carefully cultivated, there is always TAWANDA.

Seriously, this is the only way to find a parking spot! Every time we get a little snow the upper level of the garage is closed. I'm not sure why the snow up there is considered more dangerous than the snow covering all of the outside parking lots, but there you have it. The upper lot has been closed during three of my four days of classes this semester and it was taking me almost half an hour to find a place to park before I figured out how to troll for a student. My work actually closed down on Thursday due to snow, but my school was one of only two in the area that chose to remain open. Students and professors alike were befuddled. I was just disappointed that my snow day was interrupted by school. The roads were not at all clear during the drive to campus, but were mostly just wet for my return home. We only received about three inches; it was the timing of the snow, during morning rush hour, that was the problem.

Here's hoping for a foot of snow and a snow day from work and school!


Anonymous said...

I "stalk" people too!! LOL. It's the only way to grab a space. My university has over 15,000 students, and only about half the spaces it needs. A great way to start the day, isn't it? The university's officials trumpet the fact it is a "green" school, yet students spend 30-45 minutes driving around the various parking lots, desperately seeking a slot!


John W.

Brandywine said...

I look forward to about a month into the semester when people start dropping classes. That's when the parking situation begins to improve!

Nicki said...

A) The parking sucks bad enough and I hate that the snow takes up about a dozen spots that we could be using.

B) Why the hell is it that EVERY time I have a day off from school, THE KIDS DO TOO? What the frick? Don't these teachers work anymore and why am I paying school taxes! I need a break!!!! I hope you get your snow day from both work and school that you so deserve!