Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Springtime in the Ozarks

On Memorial Day this year we took a road trip to Powersite Dam and saw many interesting things, though unfortunately I can't seem to get very many of the pictures to load on the blog, probably because of their size. So you'll just have to take my word for it...we saw lots of cool stuff.  Above is a view of Lake Taneycomo, formed when a branch of the White River was dammed almost 100 years go.  What you can't see, or hear, are the bazillions of 13-year cicadas that are absolutely everywhere and make a continuous prickly, humming sounds that is about a thousand times louder than a mosquito.  They bust out of the ground every 13 years, do their thing, then disappear for another 13 years. They always make news because there are so many of them and they make so much noise.

{Sigh} I'm having a terrible time with these pictures. They won't go where I want them to go.

Anyway, the second picture is what's left of a STOP sign right below Powersite Dam.  All of the lakes and rivers in the area are flooded and the dam gates have frequently been opened, leading to even more flooding.  Powersite Dam was completed in 1913 and is the oldest dam in the Ozarks.  I'm not sure of the typical lifespan of such a structure, but I can't help but think that 100 years is pretty darned old for a dam. What are the ramifications of a region containing a large population of aging dams?

Spring flowers are everywhere, quietly waving in the breeze.  They seem so peaceful and dignified compared to the noise of the cicadas and the rush of the flood waters. 

I'm having computer problems so right now I'm borrowing my husbands laptop.  It may be few days before mine is ready from the repair shop.  I've been having terrible internet withdrawals.  Thank goodness for smart phones that allow Twitter and Facebook access!


Blossom said...

How did we ever manage before the internet and mobile phones?

I read that President Obama went cold turkey with his Blackberry and had terrible withdrawal symptoms, but felt he had to do it as he was becoming addicted to it. Nat, my oldest son, has been telling me that we need a powerpoint on our camping trip so we can charge my phone - we won't be. But it will be hard.

I would have loved to have heard those cicadas.

Brandywine said...

How long is your camping trip? It would be hard to give up my Blackberry as I have become very addicted; I certainly know how the President feels. I don't know how we got by without being able to always be "connected".
If the file isn't too large, I will try to load the cicada video so you can hear them. That is, when I get my computer back; found out today that it has a virus.

E. Sheppard said...

We had super-loud cicadas here in south central Kentucky too. It drove my husband crazy. And me too, when one flew in my car and buzzed right by my ear! I finally got it to go out the car window. Now you see all the cicadas clustered around buildings and on sidewalks.

I used to be un-connected while camping, which makes me think maybe I need to do that again at least once this year.

Blossom said...
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Blossom said...

We're just going for a week down to Cornwall and Devon in the south west. Nothing too adventurous, alas. It's just a cheap way for the boys and I to get away on a break.

How annoying about your PC virus. My last laptop was constantly being infected. I had a few other things go wrong with it so I bought an Apple. I've had it just over a year and so far, touch wood, no viruses have yet nobbled me- yet. I read the other day that Apple viruses are on the increase.

It would be great if you are able to load the cicada video, good luck!