Sunday, February 7, 2010

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, my first book review is completed, for better or worse. No I can move on to my Spanish composition. I think it will be a little more fun. It's like writing in secret code, something that I thought was pretty cool when I was a little girl.

The third class has been dropped. I knew it had to be when I spent all last weekend studying for a Spanish test and no time whatsoever studying for a map quiz in East Asian Civ. So, I dropped it. I feel saddened and relieved. Sad because I failed to listen to my instincts on the first day of class when I could already tell that I was going to be overwhelmed. Sad because that failure to listen to myself cost me half the money for the class, since four weeks into the semester I could only get a 50% refund. And sad because now I will probably not graduate in the spring of 2011 as planned.

Relieved because now I will hopefully have time to do well in the two remaining classes. Spanish is still consuming me and likely will continue to do so for the next 12 weeks.

I have to rethink my graduation plans and I'm trying to get used to the idea. After all, plans are made to be broken. If I can accept that I have to slow down, maybe I can enjoy the school experience more, learn more, and just maybe attend some school activities occassionally. I joined the history honor society and it would be nice to attend some meetings and begin to feel like I am a part of things at school instead of just a visitor.

With any luck I will have another snow day coming up. Extra time to study! We are expecting several inches tonight and tomorrow and we still have snow on the ground from the last one. Bring it on!


Studentmum said...

Not feeling part of things is one of the downsides to studying as a part-time/mature student. So It's good that you now have time to go to meetings. I admire your dedication to Spanish - learning a language is somethin we in the UK are apalling at.

Hope you get your snow day!

Caz said...

Good on you for realising what you're capable of. You will definately enjoy the experience much more, having the two classes. It's good to have a goal but at the same time you have to realise your capabilities. I have plans to graduate at the end of 2012 - I really want to graduate by the time I'm 45!!! However, I too have taken on an extra subject in order to achieve this goal and I'm not sure how I'll go. I may very well feel swamped and go back to two. Sei la vie - we can only do what we can do!!!! I'm glad you've decided to keep going with it. You would've felt worse if you'd have quit uni altogether.